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an independent singer-songwriter duo

Andrée Dami & Studio Gaïa Danse

The composition, "MOZAЇQUE", was selected to be performed live by Antidote and dancers from the studio Gaïa Danse during the show, "Routes Gitanes", in March of 2015, at the Cabaret-Théâtre du Vieux St-Jean.

A video of "MOZAЇQUE", made in 2016, can be seen at: https://youtu.be/-IdwQi3JDWQ .

Pamela Mercer

During Antidote’s CD launch of "JUST LIKE BIRDS", Pamela performed a wonderful choreography inspired by her practice of Integral Tai Chi.

Ruby Art

Pauline and Daniel have composed music for two videos by Ruby Art (filmmaker) based on material she shot in Africa. One is a documentary and the other has a story line based on a local legend. They are also responsible for the music in the documentary film, "Ste. Folie d’Enfer".

Caroline Dusseault

Original music by Daniel was used by Caroline Dusseault (danser & choreographer) in the production "Les Rudiments" presented by the Danse Department of UQAM in April, 2008.

Randall Lightbown

Music was composed in 2008 for an exercise video, "Global Shape-Shifters" by Randall Lightbown (martial arts performer).

Ginette Trépanier

Invited by Ginette Trépanier (visual artist and poet); Antidote performed during 2003-4-5-6 at several art exhibition openings, at the presentation of the "Saint-Denys Garneau International Prize" for poetry and visual art, and during the "Biennale internationale du livre d'artise en Lanaudière" and "Les Voix du Nord". This experience permitted them the opportunity of promoting their music in a stimulating artistic environment. Recently they composed the music for two theatrical-poetic performances of works by Jean-Paul Daoust and Brigitte Purkhardt (Ginette Trépanier : coordinateur).

Mémoire de L'Indus

Les Productions Flamenco Montréal

An ongoing exchange with Sarah Vincent (dancer, singer, choreographer and artistic director of "Les Productions Flamenco Montréal") was concretized in their participation in two productions: "Mémoires de l'Indus" in 2003, and "Flamenco & Folk" in 2001.

Both composing and interpreting music for these shows permitted the duo to flirt with the powerful and exciting spirit of flamenco music and play at the prestigious Montréal venues: "Théâtre de la Verdure" and "La Bibliothéque Nationale du Québec" as well as "Théâtre du Marais" in the Laurentians.



France Bonneau

An appreciation for the complexities of blending music with poetry was acquired by the duo when working with France Bonneau (poet) in 1999 on a production "Fragments de vie…Paroles infatigables" performed at the Place des Arts, Montréal. In 2010, they presented together the event "La Manigance" (poetry & music), at the Bar Populaire, Montréal. Pauline continued to accompany France in 2005-6 during three performances of "Au Bout de l'Exile" (poetry/theatre).