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an independent singer-songwriter duo


Pauline and Daniel initially worked the "bar scene" interpreting an essentially Quebecois-folk-singer's repertoire. Advances in "sequencing technology" afforded them the possibility of modifying their sound to undertake a pop-rock orientated repertoire with accompaniment.

In parallel with this invaluable stage experience, an interest in composing together and developing their own material was kindled. Acceptance into two major contests (L'Empire des Futures Stars & Rock Envol) and recognition from Factor, Musicaction and SOCAN in the form of recording awards, encouraged them in their original pursuit.



Ever-evolving as musicians; their present compositions display a contemporary folk style and their performances are currently centered upon this repertoire within a predominately cultural milieu.

Always open to new musical experiences; ever honing their composing skills and refining their material; encouraging the bi-cultural nature (English / French) of their union; remaining independent and passionate musicians…these elements distinguish them.